Hollywood Connections

Giving creative people all around the world the chance to get their ideas into the hands of those with the power to use them -- We're your ticket to Hollywood.

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Removing the Barrier between You and Hollywood

Why sit around waiting for your big break to come to you?

Author Solutions is giving real people real access to Hollywood right now. With a team based in Los Angeles, we have forged connections that give not only our authors, but anyone with an idea, a chance to pitch to Hollywood executives who can develop those ideas into feature films, television shows, video games, graphic novels, books and new media.

Book-to-Screen PitchFest

You don't have to be a big-name screenwriter to get face-to-face with Hollywood heavy-hitters. Through Author Solutions, indie authors have the opportunity to learn from "King of the Pitch" Bob Kosberg before pitching directly to top producers, executives and agents.

Our events in places such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York have drawn hundreds of authors and attracted interest from big names in Hollywood, including Paula Wagner, producer of Mission: Impossible I, II and III, who optioned a book published by
Author Solutions imprint iUniverse.

Hollywood Book-to-Screen Services

We make it simple for authors to see just how their books could be brought to life on the screen, through our Hollywood Coverage, Adaptation and Screenplay services.

Every professionally written adaptation is reviewed by our first-look producing partner, Thruline Entertainment, giving our authors a chance to get their idea in the hands of A-list actors, writers, directors and screenwriters who are actively looking for new projects to develop for film or television.