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“I have about 3,000 readers at present, by my latest estimate; and that’s pretty impressive for an indie author. It’s about the next book and keeping the fans alive and healthy.”
C. S. Marks Author of the fantasy trilogy Elfhunter; Ravenshade; and Fireheart 

Book publishers, retailers and printers agree: we have all the services and support you need to launch an imprint

At Author Solutions, we have launched a number of groundbreaking self-publishing imprints with leading traditional publishers. With these strategic partnerships, we develop everything including the initial website design, products and services and the lead generation plan. In addition, we provide all sales, production, fulfillment and customer support. These imprints provide a unique opportunity for authors who want to make sure their book is being watched by a traditional publisher, but they also present an unmatched opportunity for the partner to discover new talent cost-efficiently.

By utilizing our proprietary ERP and CRM publishing platform, we are able to move into the market very quickly and offer the full range of prepublication, publishing, marketing and distribution services authors need.

Our publishing services include e-book publishing

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