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  • Publishing with Purpose: Our authors are doing big things with their books.

    To finish a book is to write with purpose, and publishing is no different. Our authors publish with a vision in mind and mission at heart, and we’re happy to help them create a book that can accomplish both.


    The Four Paths to Publishing

    Making an Impact

    True to their natures, our authors don’t just fight for their cause, they write for their cause (and publish too). See the differences they’re making through self-publishing.

    Mary Ann Wasil, author and survivor  
    The Four Paths to Publishing

    Establishing Credibility

    More than writers, many of our authors are also author-ities on their respective topics. See how supported self-publishing has helped them cement that title and build their brands.

    Clifford Thompson, author and editor
    The Four Paths to Publishing

    Being Discovered

    Not content waiting for traditional houses to open their doors, some writers take the initiative to forge their own paths. See how several of our formerly self-published authors made the jump to traditional publishing.

    Timothy A. Pychyl, Ph.D., author and professor  


    Author Solutions team members and authors talk about their experiences working together.

    Working Together to Tell Your Story

    Ready to put your work in print and start your own self-publishing story? Find out how Author Solutions can help you take the first step.

    Tell Your Story

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