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Author Solutions is a leader in supported self-publishing. We have helped more than 225,000 authors bring 300,000 titles to readers all over the world. Our publishing industry experience working directly with companies like Amazon, Ingram Media, Lavidge, 5 More Minutes, a Hollywood production company, and many traditional publishers means we know what it takes to get your book discovered by readers.

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Marketing your book doesn’t have to be scary or daunting. There are many effective marketing plans and a world full of readers out there, let Author Solutions help you discover the best of both.

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AuthorHouse, Author Solutions’ premier marketing brand for independent and self-published authors, provides expert marketing and promotional services, including online advertising, publicity and book-to-screen Hollywood services. We find the best marketing options that fit your goals and help your book get the attention it deserves. We handle all your advertising and campaigns while showing you the ropes of marketing, so you can effectively promote both your book and the next ones to come.

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