Author Solutions Invited to Indiana University’s 2019 Kelley Connect Week

Author Solutions – May 31, 2019

Author Solutions Invited

to Indiana University’s 2019 Kelley Connect Week

Bloomington, Indiana-based Author Solutions was invited to participate in Kelley Connect Week, an integral part of the MBA program at Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business.

The multi-day event took place both on IU’s campus and at ASI’s Headquarters and included a Q&A session and a series of gatherings and events intended to help Kelley MBA candidates get a taste of a career at ASI.

Teams of candidates were asked to resolve a real-life business problem, making use of company resources and strategic thinking to come up with a solution to the issue. Students were divided into 25 teams of either 5 or 6 members, and were charged with coming up with a solution to the issue.

Festivities kicked off May 12, with ASI delegates including company president Billy Elliott and Author Learning Center President Keith Ogorek participating in a “Client Kick-off” meeting. 

Tours of the building and Q&A sessions held throughout the week also helped students formulate a strategy.

On May 15, a pitch session was held at ASI HQ, done in a “speed dating” format where teams have 3 minutes to pitch their ideas to judges, then receive brief feedback.

Judges comprised of Kelley and ASI officials selected the winners of the event, judged on presentation skills, initial cost of investment, leveraging company assets, and use of related diversification of key assets. All participants got the coveted Kelley School of Business gold coin.

“As a company we were blown away by the amount of work and creativity the students put into their presentations in the time they had,” Elliott said. “It was really difficult to pick just one winner because there were so many good ideas.”

For ASI, participation in Kelley Connect Week means an invitation to an institutional event at IU, an honor and a privilege for the company.

“Working with the team and faculty on this case and during the week was fantastic,” Ogorek said. “Their communication, attention to detail and understanding of our business challenges helped assure we had a great experience and heard some really interesting recommendations.”