The Benefits of Self-Publishing

Author Solutions – May 22, 2018

The Benefits

of Self-Publishing

For years, self-publishing has been making tens of thousands of people’s dreams of becoming published authors come true, and we definitely have some experience to share. So what are some of the advantages of self-publishing, as opposed to the “traditional” publishing route?

Let’s say this up front, though: publishing in any form has never been an easy business. Regardless of which route you take, you’re going to have to be a great self-promoter. That means book signings, social media, book readings, and good, old-fashioned word-of-mouth. But if you had the perseverance to write that first book, you can handle it!

So what are some benefits of self-publishing?


Even if you find an agent, and even if that agent finds a publisher (two rather big “if’s”), it can take years for your book to actually hit the shelves. The self-publishing cycle is much shorter; your book can go from your computer to the shelves in months (or even weeks, if you elect to publish as an ebook).


Traditional publishing is definitely a “survival of the fittest” world. If your book isn’t selling, it’s going to be taken off the shelves, before it even has a chance to find an audience. When you self-publish, your book stays available as long as you want it to be available.

Creative Control

When you self-publish, you have much more control over the final appearance of your book, to include the cover design, size, binding, etc. Does this place the weight of more decisions on your shoulders? Sure–but the final product will be more in line with what you envisioned.

No More “Gatekeepers”

Remember what we said about publishing being a tough business? Well, you know what’s harder than promoting a published book? Promoting an unpublished book. Traditional publishing isn’t about making sure the most deserving books make it to the bookstores, it’s about what the publishers feel they can successfully market. “Why,” their thinking goes, “should we sell 5,000 copies of a thousand authors’ books when we can sell five million copies of ONE author’s book?” Good-bye, midlist.

Even if your potential audience is just a few thousand people, the residents of your town, or your own family members, self-publishing allows your book to become a reality.

You’ve worked hard, spent hundreds of hours at your desk, and probably sequestered yourself from friends and family to get that manuscript completed. Why let it lie around in your closest, or take up space on your hard drive? Self-publishing can help you take it across the finish line to your ultimate goal: putting your book into the hands of your readers.

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