Susan Norris

Susan Norris, author and awareness advocate

Author Solutions – April 3, 2017

Susan Norris

Author and Awareness Advocate

Making strides in the fight against sex-trafficking

Eye-Opening Realization

Susan Norris began investigating the sex-trafficking epidemic after hearing rumors about children being exploited in her suburban Atlanta neighborhood. Through her research, she was appalled to discover that more than 100,000 U.S. children are sexually trafficked annually.

Self-Publishing with iUniverse

To shine a light on this crisis, Norris set forth to write Rescuing Hope, a novel partially based on a series of interviews she conducted with victims. She chose to self-publish with iUniverse so that she could deliver her message her way as well as meet an important deadline: While writing the book, she was approached by a national ministry that wanted to launch the book at a New Year’s event.

Advocate in Action

Norris is now an international speaker and a powerful voice for hope. She helps teens and women find freedom in the areas of purity and spiritual identity. The former teacher also networks for organizations such as Resolution Hope and Not For Sale and raises her voice for victims of sex trafficking across the nation. Susan serves as a catalyst for action among her peers and walks alongside rescued girls to help them regain their self-worth and confidence, and emerge stronger.

Norris continues to spread awareness on her blog. She also connects with readers on FacebookTwitterFeedburnerPinterest and Google Plus.