Tips for Your Amazon Author Page

Author Solutions – March 22, 2018


for Your Amazon Author Page

Amazon is a premium destination for books online, but its size can be a bit overwhelming at times. Unless you’re already famous, have a lot of reviews and sales, or have a large social media presence, it can be difficult for you to get noticed.

An Amazon author page can be a great tool for self-published writers; it helps readers find you, and makes you more to them than just a name on a book cover. Here are some tips for setting up your own Amazon Author page.

To create your page, first sign up at the Amazon Author Central home page. From there, your account works like most other forms of social media:

•  Photos – You can upload multiple photos, but a head shot should be your first priority. As mentioned above, this helps readers connect with you as a person.

•  Personal Bio – Tell readers what you want them to know about you. You could tell them about your passion for writing, what inspires you, or just your general background.

•  Books – Upload all of your books that are available on Amazon. Your Kindle books automatically connect to your uploaded books if you used the same publisher. If not, make sure to add those too.

•  Videos – You can have one video uploaded at a time. What better place to share a book trailer, author video, or a video clip from a book signing.

•  Blogs – If you have a blog, plug in its link. Your RSS feeds are crucial for keeping in touch with readers (and potential readers). You can also link to your other social media accounts, such as Twitter and Facebook.

•  Events – Post information about signings and events you’re participating in, and don’t forget to remove them when the events have ended. An updated page is more inviting than one that’s not maintained.

Once you’ve created your author page, Amazon will include a link to your profile on all of your book pages. You can join the Look Inside!™ program and become an Amazon Associate through the links at the end of your Author Central home page.

Your Amazon author page contains everything that you want readers to know about you and your books. By using this tool, you become more visible to your audience–and more visibility can lead to more book sales. You’ve already put the work into publishing your book, why not use this simple tool to help market it?